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Find us @ Urban Harvest Farmers Markets

Wednesdays: 901 Bagby St, Houston, TX Saturdays: 2752 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, TX

Welcome to The Pupusa Bar

Pupusas are a popular Salvadoran food tradition handmade of thick corn masa filled with anything from meats, cheeses, beans, or veggies.

Our Story

I'm a native Houstonian, an Aggie graduate and a foodie!  Being raised in a chef family, around food businesses throughout, prepping and serving events in my early years, I found myself knowing more about the food industry than I ever expected to know.  In fact, my food service experience on my resume, that of office management and/or actual working large food events- surprisingly - raised more of an eye at interviews than other experiences listed.  Fast forward - through market crashes and up/downs of the oil industry, I decided to step BACK into the industry that anyone living and breathing can not do without...FOOD!

I first assisted (and still do) in my family's current food service business Kitchen 205, when I realized we had a gem in the making!  Our business chef of 13 years, originally from El Salvador, would prepare Pupusas for our family special occasions.  For years, all those attending the festivities, could not wait till the next Pupusa event!  Sitting in the middle of a great opportunity to share this Salvadoran delicacy with Houston, the diamond in the rough was ready to be polished and THE PUPUSA BAR was born!


Together, with a San Salvador, El Salvador research trip, we've teamed up and created a fresh, gluten free, all natural ingredient Pupusa menu with a modern flair.  Our salsas, part of our Texas Chef's Best product family, are natural and authentic styled back to my own grandmother's recipes.  Our menu testing, farmer's market hot and fresh pick-up, and catering services have been an instant hit!  Ask us about our natural juice beverages!

Join us in our journey to make sure all Houstonian's know about this locally made, traditional Salvadoran food experience!

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Laura Kasper

Best Pupusas in Houston


Choice of 2 Pupusas, pickled cabbage, crispy chips, homemade verde salsa (green) and rojo salsa (red)

Pork & Cheese
Meat Options
Bean & Cheese
Veggie Options

Extra Pupusas .......................$4 each


Party Packs

Assorted 4 Pack
comes with red and green salsa, and pickled cabbage
Cold Pack

How to Order

Find us @ Urban Harvest Farmers Markets

Wednesdays: 901 Bagby St, Houston, TX Saturdays: 2752 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, TX



Need Catering?

We can cater small or large groups

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